Make your own free website on Date: 01-xx-99 Ma Bell's Corporate website couldn't escape the wrath of Zyklon. Date: 11.15.98 Supposedly hacked by the same people who hacked rootshell? Hack-Net claims they used the SSH exploit to do it. Date: 11.15.98 Former exployee hack? Could this be a trend? Date: 11.13.98 Angelfire was indeed hacked. Thanks to PCWhiz for sending me what the website looked like when hacked. ** WARNING ** Contains a nude pic that "WILL" gross you out. =] Date: 10.31.98 hacked by Bronc Buster of LOU Date: 10.31.98 was hacked Date: ? Over 24,000 Domains hacked by LOU Date: ? was compromised by HFG Date: ? was compromised Date: ? was compromised by Holt

Milw0rm/Lumberjack Hack Date: ? 320+ Domains feel the Milw0rm / Ashtray Lumberjack Hack

Turkish Nuclear Research Center Date: ? Milw0rm Hacks Turkish Nuclear Research Center website

NCAA Attacked Again Date: ? NCAA's Website Hacked Again; No Racial Slurs this time..same group

NCAA Date: ? NCAA's Website Hacked

Cyber Promotions Date: ? Cyber Promotion's website Hacked; The Spammer feels the wrath...

East Timor Date: ? East Timor website Hacked Again

US Airforce Date: ? US Airforce website hacked

NASA Date: ? Nasa's Website Hacked

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Date: ? CIA's website gets a makeover

Department of Justice Date: ? Department of Justice's website gets hacked

ถ้าคุณยังอยากจะทราบอีกก็เข้าไป websitesต่อไปนี้.

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